Slime Collecting as a Hobby: Tips for Building an Impressive Slime Collection

As a child or an adult, we can all admit that slime has a unique feel to our senses. This viscous substance is gradually building a market as many young adults and teenagers have joined the trend of interacting with slime. It is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite hobby while simultaneously reducing screen time. However, most people need help to build the proper slime collection. If you want to curate a breathtaking display for you or a child, below are steps you need to follow.

Basic supplies needed to start a Slime Collection

Different slimes are based on texture, color, and quality. Before you start collecting the different types, there are some supplies you need to have. These materials will help you to store and display your slime appropriately. So before walking into some of the best slime shops you know, ensure you have:

  • Clear containers and jars with lids
  • Mixing bowls and utensils
  • Activator
  • Coloring agents
  • Add-ins like beads and glitters
  • Scented oils

After getting these materials, you can proceed to get your slime. You can shop from a local store or visit a slime website and place your orders online.

Building a Theme for your Slime Collection

A theme for your slime collection is highly essential. It prevents you from stocking up on boring slimes with no physical appeal. After purchasing your slime and the materials listed above, it is time to unlock your creativity. You can buy already customized slime, but it becomes more personalized if you conjure up the themes yourself. To start, below are some themes you can try for your first set of collections:

Theme 1: Color-Based Theme

These themes can feature different colors of slime you have. You can curate things like rainbow-themed slimes to make the slime more appealing. For example, when creating a rainbow-themed slime, you will paint a slime with all colors of the rainbow, ensuring you give it an aesthetic feeling.

Theme 2: Texture Based Theme

Generally, slime is gelatinous. You can tone things up by adding different materials to give it a different texture. For example, a crazy crunch theme can have your slimes made up of varying bead colors.

Theme 3: Scent based Theme

If you want to please all your senses equally with slime, adding scented oils and perfumes is the best way to stimulate your nasal cavity. You can have a collection named Fruity Fusion. These slimes will have different and unique fruity scents that will always appeal to everyone you display them to.

There are different theme ideas that you can use to build your slime collection successfully. All you need to do is unlock your creativity and enjoy the process of making the themes. After making your desired slime collection, you must know how to store them correctly.

Tips For Storing Your Slime Collection Properly

  • Ensure you keep the slimes in air-tight containers. This is to prevent contamination and drying up of your slime.
  • Store your slime away from direct sunlight. Look for a cozy and dry place in your home to keep your collections.
  • If you notice your slime is drying out, you can easily add a few drops of slime activator to moisturize it.
  • You can use stickers to label each container according to its themes and individual names.


Slime collection as a hobby should be easy to carry out. Follow the tips above to shop for your desired slime and unleash creativity.