Making Diamonds with Ashes to Show Your Gratitude

Everyone like to keep their loved ones in their company, and it is not just about having them close when they are living and around you even after they are no longer alive, you may still have them close to your heart. Various firms and companies are available these days that currently provide the service of preserving the memory of your loved ones and favorite people by transforming them into your preferred alternative option. Different options are available in this respect, such as converting them into a type of diamond that you can place in your preferred spot in your home or converting them into little diamond pieces that you can put in your jewels, bracelet, or in a form of the customized ring if you want to keep them close forever.

You may also personalize ashes diamond to your liking and engrave a message for your loved ones, demonstrating your affection and ensuring that they are remembered no matter what the conditions are.

Symbol of Love and Remembrance

Today we can say without any doubt that the perfect way to keep your loved ones remembered and most importantly to keep their memory fresh in your mind is by converting their ashes into a form of beautiful diamonds. There are not only specific shapes that you can make but there are a lot of customizable options available that you can make that will last with you forever. Also, you do not have to worry about the quality of these diamonds because they are extremely safe and there is a dedicated flow from which the complete process goes through and there are not any kind of harmful preservatives in it so you do not have to worry about any environmental issues and you can say that these diamonds are made in the same way like by nature.

You do not have to worry about any kind of concentration of harmful preservatives or in case you are worried about artificial colors because the whole process is completely pure and transparent and you also are an active part of it so you do not have to worry about any of these problems.

Diamond Created from the Cremation Ashes

We understand how valuable diamonds are today and it is possible to create various kinds of diamonds from the cremated ashes of your loved ones. The whole process is governed by various companies and you can also become an active part of it by giving them the instruction that what kind of color you want for the crystal and you can also engrave messages and notes that you will like. When the creation of the body is done then the ashes are extracted and it is then going through the step of refinement. Carbon is then extracted from it because it is important to have a good concentration of carbon in order to make ash to diamond because without it, a good quality diamond cannot be made. This extracted carbon is then subjected to high temperatures just like the natural diamond and after that, any shape can be made according to your preference and need.