In-Trend Looks for 2021: Fashion Inspiration

If you are eager to see the back of 2020 and are wondering what next year’s fashion hots will be, this article was written with you in mind. We will give you some of the insights gained from talking to the best fashion designers, on all the trendy looks that we will see on the catwalks in 2021.

  • Nose Rings – You can expect to see a lot of nose ring jewellery in the spring of next year, along with other piercings, and with online solutions, you can acquire nose ring jewellery from a reputable online supplier.
  • Printed Leggings – Printed leggings are everywhere, with many great patterns to add some rich colour to your look, and with sneakers and dark sunglasses, you have the perfect sporty look. Lycra is the ideal fabric, and yoga leggings are all the rage for the comfortable causal look.
  • Neutral Colours – Creams, beiges and other neutral shades are still in fashion, and it is looking like these shades will still be worn in 2021, with corduroy pants and cotton shirts. If you search using Google image for ‘monochromatic neutrals, that should bring a lot of inspiration.
  • Frills & Tassels – The frills and tassels we saw this year are still as popular as ever, with leather jackets and pants that have more than a hint of the cowboy era. Ruffles and frills are nice on summer gowns, adding a layered look, and with shoulder pads also making a comeback, expect to see oversized tops and jackets on the spring catwalks.
  • Wide Bermuda Shorts – These will be a 2021 summer sensation, with bright colours and oversized pleats, and they look stunning when worn with leggings. Knee-length is the standard for this year’s shorts, with soft, pastel shades that go great with spring wear.
  • Denim is In – Denim is always the fabric of choice for the trendy people and that isn’t changing anytime soon, with bleached tight denim jeans ripped in all the right places. Stonewashed is still a very popular look, and with piercings and boots, the punk look is complete.
  • Flip-Flop Sandals – Casual and very chic, flipflops are ideal for the beach and hanging out on the garden terrace, and don’t be surprised to see bright neon colours, with alternate colours on the left and right shoe. 2021 is going to see an explosion of colour, which might be due to the long periods of lockdown we have seen this year, as all yearn to be noticed.

Now is the time to start looking at 2021 fashions, and with online suppliers, you get the lowest prices.