Buying dog collars: what do you have to look out for?

If you have a dog, or get a dog, you want of course the best for your dog. As the owner of your dog, this is of course also your responsibility. This means that you must buy certain stuff for the dog. For example, the food of your dog is of great importance, but also other stuff like a dog basket. You also have to go outside with your dog several times a day so that the dog can do his defecation. This must, of course, happen in a safe way and here it is important that your dog is leashed. Buying a dog collar is very important and here make many people, nevertheless, real mistakes. What should you pay attention to when buying dog collars? In this article, we go into detail so that you come to know more about it

The right size

When buying dog collars, the size is very important and one of the most important concerns. If a dog collar is too tight, the chances are that the dog will suffer from pain. By a too tight neck link the dog gets wounds and the neck link can go cutting in the neck of the dog. In addition, infections can occur and this can be life-threatening for your dog. A neck link that is too large is also dangerous, and because of this, the dog can remain behind somewhere. When determining the size, it is important that you have at least two fingers clearance between the neck of the dog and the neck link. The dog neck link can sit better what wide than too tight.

The material

Besides the size of the dog collar, the material is also very important. For example, there are many different types of materials you can choose from. Many people choose a metal collar, but this is also not always good for your dog. You can much better choose a leather, or a nylon dog collar. If you use a leather collar, it is of importance that you maintain it regularly. A leather collar, you must maintain regularly with leather grease so that the leather remains well supple. Do you have a small budget? No problem because a collar made of nylon is a lot cheaper. Besides, nylon is pretty strong and flexible and can’t be destroyed easily.