Which Is the Best Option – Single Door Refrigerator or Double Door Refrigerator

The door style is one of the important considerations when it comes to choosing a new fridge. You will find two different styles of door in fridge, i.e., a single door design or a double door fridge. A comparison between the two different door styles on the basis of a few factors is a smart way to find the right door style for your fridge.

Comparison between Single door and Double door refrigerator

Number of doors      

A single-door fridge has only one door both for freezer as well as fridge. In case of a double door fridge there are two doors each for freezer and a fridge.

Refrigerator capacity

A single-door fridge can accommodate 50 liters to 250 liters easily whereas a double door fridge comes with enhanced capacity to store 235 Liters to 495 liters easily.

Family size

A single door fridge is ideal for the small family that comprises of maximum three members. On the other hand, a double door fridge is ideal for large families that comprise of 3 to 5 members. Me Selectors is the best place to find the superior range of refrigerateur from popular brands in one place.

Power consumption

Does a single door refrigerator consume more energy or double door refrigerator? The answer is that a single door fridge saves on utility bills by consuming less power. In case of a double door fridge, more power is consumed which leads to 30% to 40% higher electricity bill.

Freezer size

A single-door fridge comes with a smaller size of freezer whereas a double door fridge has a larger size of freezer.

Floor space

A single door occupies little surface area whereas a double door fridge occupies more surface area due to its large surface.

Shelves space

A single door fridge provides lesser shelf space. You can’t keep bigger bottles or vessels in it. A double door refrigerator, on the other hand, comes with larger shelf space to store bigger vessels or bottles easily

Cleaning effort

In a single door fridge, you need to clean the ice manually. On the other hand, a double door fridge has an auto-cleaning feature that saves your effort on cleaning it.

Cooling technology

A single door fridge comes with direct cooling technology with natural convection functionality whereas a double door system comes with frost-free, functionality with electric fans.


Are you confused between a single door or double door fridge system? The above comparison guide will surely help you decide which will be ideal one for your kitchen needs.