Make Custom Packaging Box for Your Product

Custom packaging boxes are considered as a key for improving client’s experience. It will be the graphic board which will excite your client and will work to your benefit and also add value to your product.

There are many types of custom packaging available now where people use their name, address and logo on their packaging boxes.


Keep following things in mind while designing the custom package boxes:

  • Choose your program like Adobe to design the graphics that you want to include.
  • Avoid slight lines while making design printing so that you can get clear image while doing digital printing
  • Also, keep proper colors in mind. While choosing shades, first get a sample to check it and ensure its printing.
  • Get the design approved from the company.

Custom printed packagingFollowing are few different types of printings used while printing custom packaging boxes:

  • Digital printing

It will be good for boxes of smaller sizes. The style of digital printing will be similar to any laser jet printer.

  • Flex-o-graphic printing

This will be almost like rubber stamp on big scale. A plate having the design of your box will act as large ink mat which will spin on revolving drum, then select the ink and imprint it onto the box packaging.

  • Li-tho label printing

It will provide much higher resolution and cleaner printing which will role a bit like wall paper.

Choosing a manufacturer

After you have the outline of custom packaging boxes in your hand, then you will be needing a program for proper cutting out.

Choose any right company for your custom package boxes and following things to keep in mind:

  • Location

Prefer to select manufacturer from nearby location so that you can easily visit them to check how the boxes are getting ready, and also you can reduce the cost of shipping.

  • Price

While asking for price, keep in mind the exact size and quantity. Also, be careful if any manufacturers quote much lower price than others.Some manufacturer may lower the price by reducing both inner as well as outer liner. Same thing must be remembered while you are bargaining hard and trying to demand much lower price.

  • Reversal time

Normally, it will take 4 weeks for the tooling to be ready and for your order to be executed. You will also add 2 more weeks for your shipment to reach.