How To Wear A Crossdraw Holster

A cross draw holster, or crosstalk holster, is a general term for holsters that are worn at an angle across the body. These holsters often have a horizontal orientation, with the handgun held on the side farthest from the dominant hand. This position is popular among hunters who carry their handguns as a backup to hunting rifles and shotguns. For example, many deer hunters carry a .410-bore shotgun when stalking or still hunting and a .357 Magnum revolver when working the field edges and feeding lanes.

Crossdraw holsters generally have one large strap that wraps around the torso to hold the handgun in place. Many also have additional straps or flaps that help retain the gun in different positions (such as sitting). The straps can be stowed when not needed and are useful when carrying larger guns that wouldn’t fit comfortably in your waistband. Crossdraw holsters also work well with large-frame revolvers that may be too heavy to carry regularly on your belt.

In this article, we will explain how to wear a crossdraw holster.

A cross draw holster is worn in front of the hip on the weak side. So if you are right-handed, it is worn on your left side and vice versa. The cross draw holster is an excellent choice for those who frequently find themselves seated in vehicles or furniture like a couch or chair where drawing from behind the hip would be difficult. This position is also advantageous if you are wearing a heavy coat or vest because it allows for more movement without the sidearm rubbing against your clothing and making noise as you move about.

The cross draw holster is also ideal for women because it places the firearm inside the waistband of your pants at roughly 4:00 (right-handed). The gun is usually placed so that the grip is just above belt level with the trigger pointing toward your belly button area. This allows for easy access when sitting down without being too obvious when standing up and walking around.

The crossdraw holster can be worn by men or women, there are no gender restrictions when it comes to wearing a crossdraw holster.


Crossdraw holsters are very popular holster. They are easy to conceal and comfortable to wear. Crossdraw holsters are worn on the belt at the crossdraw location, hence the name “cross draw”. The gun is located in front of the body and is either pushed forward or pulled back in line with the body depending on what you are wearing and how you wish to carry.

Tuckable holsters are a type of holster that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Crossdraw holsters, being tuckable, are an ideal choice for those looking for a way to carry without all-day comfort being sacrificed. A good tuckable cross draw holster can easily be worn every day and tucked when necessary, leaving you confident that your firearm will stay put until it’s needed.

Crossdraw holsters have been around for many years but it wasn’t until recently that they became popular for law enforcement and their use has grown steadily ever since. As more people discover the benefits of Crossdraw holsters, their popularity continues to grow.

Crossdraw holsters offer many advantages to both men and women as well as law enforcement officers. It can be difficult to determine which holster is right for you so take some time to decide what works best before purchasing one.